The FormMakers are experts in the creation of intelligent forms using products from TheFormTool™

You’ll benefit three ways

The most intelligent forms
Fastest delivery
Less expensive than in-house development

High expectations, routinely exceeded

The very best intelligent forms quadruple office productivity, eliminate errors, assure compliance and consistency, improve customer service, and reduce stress. Those are high expectations… that our forms exceed every day.

Our customers expect their new forms to completely pay for themselves within their first two uses.

That’s why they choose The FormMakers.

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Based in and serviced from the U.S.A.

While timing is important, time is everything

We create time for our customers

Our Services

Document Assembly Organization

When your needs are complex, with lots of users and lots of forms, organization counts. How to properly store forms, documents, and supporting resources so they can be found, used, and safeguarded are important. We know and use best practices and will be delighted to share them with you.

Forms Creation

We are among the most experienced forms developers in the world.
We concentrate on elegant solutions that combine the power of software from TheFormTool™ with a dedication to ease of use for our customers.
Creating intelligent forms is all we do. We’re experts and guarantee every customer’s satisfaction.

The largest benefit is lasting, as your team uses these expert forms as learning aids to guide future development.

Library Development

We know how to build world-class forms libraries, structures that facilitate usage. We know that starting right and building right will make a huge difference to efficiency. We also know that training your team on the use of a form and your library is an important part of the task. As experts, we’re dedicated to doing just that.

All of our projects include a training paper or video on its intricacies.

Forms Creation

The basis for everything

Our approach to serving our customers is designed to efficiently learn your needs in order to create elegant solutions that fit your way of working. We believe that intelligent forms should know their place: they work for you, not the other way around. We believe forms work best when any user in your office can produce the same highest quality correctly personalized, accurate, professional documents with just a click or two.

We’ll sit down with you to learn your goals. We’ll ask for a sample of your documents, the ones you use most frequently; they are the most valuable. We’ll ask you to illustrate the variables and define the delivery need.

We’ll provide you a fixed price quotation, and then we’ll create your custom forms and guarantee your satisfaction with the results.

We do this on a fixed-fee, so there are no surprises. Our fees are always less than your in-house costs. After all, we’re the experts here. Our services include an additional redraft to catch those pesky “oops” of variables that weren’t caught or correct in the first briefing. We also include appropriate text, video, or classroom instructions and explanations for both Users and future Authors so that you can maintain or modify your forms if and when you wish. You can also use the experience for your Authors to develop future forms on their own. Or we can do that for you.

Our goal is for you to say and mean, “This changes everything!”

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Library Development

Everything is similar, even the differences

Whenever you have two or more intelligent forms you have a forms library where consistency between forms is critical and valuable. We know how to create that consistency and value and to build them into all the forms in your library. That way your Users can have confidence that the questions they’ll be answering have identical meanings, that Roles are defined the same way whether the matter is a divorce or a will, a corporate merger or divestiture.

Common Labels used in the Questionnaire allows for the programs to efficiently create multiple documents, a feature available with the Doxserá family or Aurora.

Library quality can easily add several percentage points to the average efficiency increase of more than 70% by the average customer using software from TheFormTool. It’s one of the ways we work to make certain your firm ranks at the top of all users world-wide from the first day, the first form.

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Document Assembly Organization

Where to store the forms? The documents?

Even firms with only a single user need to give some thought to organization. First, there may be additional or other users down the road. Even more importantly, nearly everyone has had the experience of putting a valuable away somewhere safe then spending way too much time remembering (or trying to!) where.

Our experience with great systems as well as absolute disasters drives our recommendations on where to store working forms and how to protect the “Golden Masters,” forms that are too valuable to risk to computer, system, or memory failure.

Related issues include offices spread across the country or around the world where associates in every one need access and confidence they’re dealing with the current version of a form. Or firms where the M&A team in London need assurance that the Chinese Wall separating them from colleagues in New York remains in place.

Even the little things, whether to maintain working copies of the final document, can be big decisions.

We can help you do it right the first time.

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